Philadelphia Offers Excellent Real Estate Opportunities for New Yorkers

Philadelphia Offers Excellent Real Estate Opportunities for New Yorkers

New Yorkers who embrace the City of Brotherly Love are discovering that when it comes to investment or rental opportunities, excellent pricing in Philadelphia is taking a bite out of the big apple.


Philadelphia is only one hour and 7 minutes out of Penn Station by Acela train. The sophisticated ambiance is the same only at a lower ticket price.  NYbuysPhilly, commercial real estate brokers in Philadelphia, believes that growth will be sustained in the region and the area, particularly in downtown’s outer ring as it emerges as a destination community. People are looking for more value for their money and the fundamentals for continued return on  investment are strong based on the following:


1. An empowerment zone: There are tax breaks and incentives for businesses setting up shop in Kensington, Ridge Avenue and several other identified neighborhoods in the city.

2.  A main commercial corridor: This corridor is a beacon of growth and opportunity, particularly for small to mid-size businesses and new housing. Typically, the commercial corridor is the central point of the economic growth of the area which further spurs development and housing growth.

3.  An influx: Usually artists, arts centers, entertainment venues and an anchor gastropub all contribute to a real estate renaissance and future staying power.

4.Access to public transportation and throughways: This sets the stage for continued positive expansion. Neighborhoods with less access to transportation are more likely to remain stagnant.


New York Buys Philly is a leading boutique commercial and residential real estate firm providing accurate market knowledge from the beginning to the end of a deal. Our three decades of combined experience offers our clients access to an insider’s view of all aspects of the real estate market in the Philadelphia area. Depend on us to assist you with all your commercial real estate and residential needs including development, leasing, business, and marketing to create solutions to champion your business successfully in the Philadelphia marketplace. Contact us at New York Buys Philly and let us show you what you have to gain in Philadelphia.

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