What Makes the Best Commercial Real Estate Company in Philadelphia

What makes the best commercial real estate company in Philadelphia, or anywhere for that matter? It is really what your clients think of you. The definition of “best” rests on how they perceive your services. That is why NYBP has done and continues to do, their best to meet client’s expectations.

Homegrown knowledge of the commercial real estate market is a given when working with clients.There are also intangibles which correlate with tangibles that win points with customers. An important selling point is now vested in the real estate brokerage firm in the communities they are marketing? NYBP has helped usher in the city’s transformation by investing dollars in Philadelphia’s local businesses.

In established neighborhoods, the amenities of the area are immediately apparent to the client. Some clients target established business communities. Other clients are looking for potential but need assistance in visualizing the future. NYBP can draw a picture of them, as NYBP is part of the Renaissance. The fact that NYBP is committed to the rebirth of a community does help foster a trust factor between us and our clients.

Great commercial real estate companies partner with their clients rather than “sell” them. Clients have approached a broker because they want to see what is out there. They may be already committing to entering a deal or exploring opportunities. Clients tend to be loyal to brokers and agents who listen to the client’s specific need and respond to those needs with product and detailed research to back it up which includes market analysis, cost vs. location, access to supplies and vendors, detailed demographics and zoning information.

There is more than that involved as a boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm, with deep roots in the cities that it markets, we have access to support services to help smooth the way to a deal. NYBP has an intuitive understanding of burgeoning areas of the city, and a shoe into exclusive offers and solid relationships with other property and real estate related businesses.

NYBP has many years of experience working around Philadelphia with an intuitive insight into what their customers need. When NYBP speaks with New York investors and business owners looking to relocate or extend their brand or service here, NYBP can very quickly evaluate the client’s business and needs to assess which properties and neighborhoods will be worthy of their consideration.

NYBP is a top commercial property developer. We partner with you to seek out the best investment opportunities to meet your individual goals whether you are a seasoned investor or someone new to the world of real estate. We have a unique knowledge of the Philadelphia market, the tools, systems, and research to create a collaborative coalition that supports you in every aspect of negotiating the golden corridor between Manhattan and Philadelphia.

Our roots are right in the City of Brotherly love and we have access to exclusive unlisted opportunities. We have presented exciting real estate strategies, guided, advised and closed deals of all sizes for our many clients. Our status an independent broker of boutique size allows us the flexibility to provide superior insight into the market with outstanding customer service.

NYBP services include assistance with market analysis, investment strategy, property and business acquisition, trust building, development, strategy, income projecting, valuation, financing, sales ( commercial and residential) and management. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your goals and explore your options.

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